Clearkey offers a variety of Services that help clients implement best-of-breed EFT payment processing solutions which are right-sized to your needs.


EFT Payments Strategy

We help clients establish, refine, and execute EFT processing payment strategies that enable organizations to effectively compete in your chosen EFT payments market segments.

Product Evaluations

Based upon our extensive knowledge of the EFT payments industry, we evaluate the payment technologies and solutions that are most cost effective and right-sized to your organization.

Solution Architecture

Our deep knowledge and expertise of state-of-the-art EFT payment technologies and data security best practices enable delivery of optimal EFT payments solutions for your organization.

Technology & Operations Assessments

We benchmark your EFT payments technologies and operations to EFT payment industry data security standards and industry best practices to identify improvements to your efficiency and competitive posture.

PCI DSS & PCI PIN Security

We perform security audits / reviews EFT payment security policies, procedures, and operational processes of your EFT payment processing infrastructure to assure identify need remediation measures and thereby assure compliance.

Crypto Solutions

Clearkey enables your organization to implement EFT payment solutions which employ data encryption such as PIN entry/verification, P2Pe, tokenization, remote key loading, instant issue, EMV and others.

Policy & Procedure Development

Clearkey has extensive experience developing policies and procedures manuals and process for PCI DSS, PCI PIN, vendor compliance, network operating rules, and other venues.

Payments Solution RFPs

Clearkey has a proven track record conducting numerous successful EFT payments products and services solicitations on behalf of our clients.

Best Practices Benchmarking

We have performed numerous engagements benchmarking EFT payments products and solutions to a variety of industry metrics such as Transaction Per Second (TPS), and product features & functionality vs. competitors.

Payment Technologist

Clearkey resources have comprehensive experience working with a wide-variety of advanced payment technologies in a hands-on fashion. This includes network technologies, application software, data security, transaction switching, POS/ATM/Kiosk terminals, and mobile technologies.

Business Analyst

Our consultants meld expertise in state-of-the-art payment technologies and industry best practices with comprehensive business acumen to create business and user requirements documentation that weaves together the organizational vision of key-stakeholders.

Project/Program Management

We frequently serve as project or program manager for the large EFT payments initiatives of our clients. Clearkey resources possess PMP credentials that combined with a comprehensive knowledge of payments technical and business requirements enabled us to be extremely effective on the projects we manage.

Litigation Support

Clearkey has extensive experience serving as an Expert Witness on variety of federal civil cases involving high-stakes litigation of EFT payments related matters.

From Concept to Implementation,

we bring cost effective solutions and lasting value to our clients resulting in accelerated bottom line impact.

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